You might not know this but there's more than just Original Glazed and Chocolate Grazed at Krispy Kreme. (You can find them all here.) But, specifically, there's a new flavor that will cease on Sunday, April 29. Pucker up, because Double K is throwing a little sour your way.



Yup, Lemon Glazed donuts. The thought of sweet and sour is always intriguing to taste buds so this should satisfy. Again, the "limited time" jargon is VERY limited at one week only.

5 Krispy Kreme Flavors That Don't Exist But Should

  • Butterfinger-Crusted Glaze
  • Buttery Glaze
  • Peanut Butter Glaze
  • French Toast Glaze
  • Spiced Rum-flavored Glaze

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