A movie, that is considered by critics to be the worst movie ever made, will play for one day in theaters on January 10th.

"Oh, hi Mark!" It's my favorite line from this awful film.

The 2003 cult movie "The Room" will be shown in theaters across the United States That's right, one day and one day only. Critics say:

This film sucked so much that it gained a cult film status.

The film was a disaster at the box office So what is the plot of the flick? The movie centers on a man, Johnny Wiseau, and his best friend Mark, and a love triangle with Johnny's future wife.

Great plot, eh? Hey, a lot of celebrities throughout the years have praised this movie including Seth Rogen, Kristen Bell and Jonah Hill who all admit they are passionate fans of this bad film.

If you have never seen the movie (chances are you haven't), here is is a highlight reel of some of the best moments. I use the term 'best moments' loosely.


If you want so see the film, locations closest to Rockford that will screen 'The Room" on January 10th include:

  • Showplace 16 in Crystal Lake on Rt 14
  • Fox theater in Elgin on Randall Rd

Other locations where the film will play can be viewed on the map

theroom.movie.com map
Theroom.movie.com map


By the way, if you are really into this movie, you might want to check out the movie "The Disaster Artist" which is based on the making of "The Room" starring James Franco, Seth Rogen and Dave Franco.

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