Surprisingly this story did not take place in Florida or even Wisconsin. But, a homeless man is in some serious trouble after trying to pull a fast one at a car dealership in Crystal Lake, allegedly. This was quite an attempt considering nothing about buying a new car is ever fast. Alas, he tried and failed.

The man is 59-year-old Richard A. White, according to Lake & McHenry Scanner. The middle-aged man is reportedly homeless with a last known address in the city of Chicago. Apparently, Richard (or Richie, or Dick, or Rick) had his eyes set on a shiny beautiful, fancy Jeep Grand Cherokee, marked at $87,000 at Brilliance Honda. According to the scanner, he gave it his all when it comes to trying to get the keys to that new whip. The details of what did he were not specific except that he pretended to be someone else.

I wish I knew the circumstances as to what went down or how quickly the dealership took note of the suspect not being who he claimed to be. This lack of information isn't pertinent to this article but would potentially make it that much more entertaining to read. However, it coincidentally, this event took place on April Fools Day. No, I'm not making that up.

I can, however, report are the pending charges against Mr. White.

As of this article, his charges are as follows, attempted identity theft, attempted theft between $100,000 and $500,000, and false personation.

Mr. White remains locked up with a $50,000 bond.


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[H/T Lake & McHenry Scanner]

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