A man from Niles, Illinois walked into a business in Crystal Lake, took a leak on their rug when no one was looking, and then asked an employee if they had any leaks. The man straight up asked if there were any leaks after taking one on their rug. You can't make this stuff up. It happened in Crystal Lake, according to Lake & McHenry County Scanner, and there's video proof.

A man walked into a business in Crystal Lake. After not seeing any employees he said, "hello?", paced a little bit, and then took a leak right there next to the counter on the rug. Eventually, someone did come to the front of the business and that's when he asked if they had any leaks. This, of course, after he himself took a leak on their floor.

The man left without incident and, according to the story, but he was hard to find. Police had to call a bunch of poorly-written numbers on the flyer he had left behind to reach him over the phone, then they staged a fake roof repair consultation to meet the notorious peeing roofer. This is where he was busted.

Costa gave officers no reasonable explanation for his actions, Kotlowski said. The man was issued an adjudication citation for disorderly conduct, which is a local ordinance that carries a minimum fine of $75 up to $1,000.

If we're going to find something good in the video it could be the fact that used hand sanitizer when he was finished.

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