Did you know that over 200 new laws will affect Illinois residents in 2018? Laws range from traffic to safety, to refinements of other laws on the books. Of those laws, we found six ones that are just plain quirky.

1. The single row of crop law, otherwise known as the 'snow break crop fee law.' (HB1800). Have you ever been driving along a county highway in late fall or winter and noticed a single standing row of corn running parallel to the highway? The reason for this is for the standing corn to stop blowing snow from landing on the highway.  The new law states that the each Illinois county may enter into a contract with farmers who grow crops adjacent to county highways to buy standing strips of crops (like corn stalks) to have them remain in place to act as snow breaks where road experience drifting snow.

This has been done in Illinois for years, what the new law does is increase the compensation for farmers by up to 10%, in what the state refer to as "inconvenience fee."

2. The windshield law.  (HB733). Would you drive a car off a auto lot with the giant sales sticker in your front window? Probably not. But surprisingly, many dealerships in Illinois allow motorists to do that or dealers were too lazy to remove them. In 2018, that will change as dealers will no be required to remove  the numbers are off the windshield before you drive away. Did we really need a law for this? Apparently so.

3. Divorcing Couples Pet Law. (SB1261)Many people argue pets are like humans. Who gets the dogs when going through the 'Big D?"This law essentially gives some of the same rights humans have. Specifically the law states that pet owners can create partial or joint custody for pets upon dissolution of a marriage.

4. The Yelp Law. (SB1898) Former Rockford TV newscaster, turned Senator, Steve Stadelman sponsored this law that allows to you say what you want when writing on-line reviews of restaurants and businesses. Recent instances of businesses suing customers for providing poor feedback inspired this law. As of Jan 1, Illinois consumers will have he right to post reviews whether positive or negative, so if the chicken tasted like rubber and the service was horrible, go for it, and tell the world.

5. Scattering of ashes (SB1586). Did you know it is illegal to spread ashes of a loved one in Rock Cut State Park or any state park in Illinois. Don't get caught for now, but as of Jan 1, you will be permitted to do so. The new allows DNR to establish rules for the public to scatter ashes in a state park.

6.Dental Assistant Law (SB589) . You will soon get to know your dental assistant better. This new law will allow your dental assistant to remove loose or broken orthodontic appliances.

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