We recently told you about some new Illinois laws that will take in effect in 2017, now comes some odd ones that will be on the books as of January 1st.

1. Behold the 'Pirogue'. Beginning January 1st, Illinois will have an official artifact. Get to know the pirogue! No, not the dumpling Yes, according to the Chicago Tribune, an Illinois state representative passed this measure. The Tribune argues it was a

waste time in the middle of a yearlong fiscal paralysis on some completely insipid diversion while ignoring the real business of governance.

A pirogue is a narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk.

2. New Illinois Jail Bail Law. Did you know that if you land in jail, in most cases you cannot pay your bail with cash? Many Illinois police departments only allow payment with a debit or credit card. on many occasions someone would would show up to the police department and go to the credit card machine and find that the machine was broken. The Result? The person in jail had to stay there until the machine was fixed. Good going Illinois!

A new law will take effect that will require police to accept cash for bail. it's about time.

3. Toxins for renters must be reported. Apartment dwellers can breathe easier. Seems like this should be obvious, but prior to Jan 1, 2017, this law didn't exist in Illinois. WGN-TV reports that

concerns about lead poisoning, especially in older buildings, led to new requirements that landlords have to disclose if the toxin may be present and take steps to get rid of it before selling or leasing a property

4. The tampon tax goes bye-bye!  Women rejoice, you will pay less in 2017. back in February Illinois lawmakers passed a measure that would  exempt feminine hygiene and incontinence products from the state sales tax.

5. Candling Eggs is limited to 45 days. If you think you are going to get away with candling an egg for 46 days or more, forget it! A new Illinois law  says that no eggs may be offered for sale for consumer use 45 days or more after the date of candling. Oh by the way what the heck is 'candling'?

Candling involves shining a bright light into the egg, allowing you to see its contents and check whether it is developing properly.

6. Employer Social media snooping law: Did you know that your boss can get away with asking you to log into your social media accounts so he or she can take a look at what you do. Not anymore! As of January 1st, if you are asked to do so, tell him/her to cut it out, and you may use some choice words of your own choosing.

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