Ladies, remember about four weeks ago when I brought to your attention that we are being taxed for using tampons and pads?

Well Illinois Lawmakers are a step closer in eliminating that tax.

According to this WREX news report, "llinois lawmakers advanced a measure to exempt feminine hygiene and incontinence products from the state sales tax.No official vote was taken, but one Republican lawmaker suggested the plan be considered for a tax code change instead of a law."

Now ladies that is good news.

Finally someone is listening and considering doing away with this tax. I'm sorry no woman I know consider buying these items as a luxury. Bleeding and feeling like your innards are falling out 5 to 7 days out of a month is not my idea of a luxury nor a vacation. Am I right?

Funny, I said four weeks ago, that with Chicago considering to repeal that tax it wouldn't be too long before our entire state follows suit.

And.... Now look. Yep it's happening.