I just found out something that I had no idea was going in our state.

Ladies, we are being taxed for using tampons and pads in Illinois!

How did I not know this? This tax isn't just the regular sales tax either. Tampons and pads in Illinois have an additional tax added on to them.

Is this fair? I hardly think so. Using these dreaded items 5 to 7 days out of the month isn't my idea of a luxury. Is it yours? This needs to stop. It's ridiculous. I know it's just a small percent but come on, really?!

Women are being punished for something we can't control. I think I can speak for many ladies, we would rather not have a visit from Aunt Flo every month. Who likes to feel like their innards are bleeding and falling out of their body. Ummm... No one.

They're proposing to waive this tax in Chicago, and you know how our state is guided by the machine in Chicago.  So if Chicago waives this tax, then soon our whole state will follow. That will be a great day. Or at least that is what I hope for.

Alderman Edward Burke and Leslie Hairston, as stated in DNA Chicago, called "a tax on the products as "discriminatory" and "unfair," and submitted a proposed ordinance to rescind the tax at their Wednesday City Council meeting."

I say good and thank you. This really isn't fair.

Oh and by the way, Illinois isn't the only state that taxes tampons and pads.

Take a look at this map. According to Fusion.net all the bright pink states tax our periods. The purple states don't (there's no tax) and the the light pink states have no sales tax



WOW! That's a lot pink on that map. Good grief stop the madness now. Enough is enough, don't you think so?!

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