John,  Susan, Tom, and Mary, these names definitely are not.

What is not to love? That new little bundle of joy will put a smile and any parent's face, but, what exactly is going on in the 'name department'? Sure times have changed and many parents want their child's name to stand out, but some of Illinois' most popular child names just are plain weird.

Every year the Social Security Administration issues a state by state list of the 100 most popular first names parents name their newborns for the past calendar year. Some of the names, that made the list, are just plain weird.

Here are the Top 5 Weird Male Baby names in Illinois

1. Aiden (Illinois popularity rank #18)

2. Grayson (Illinois popularity rank #41)

3. Jaxon (Illinois popularity rank #60)

4. Brayden (Illinois popularity rank #76)

5. Ezra (Illinois popularity rank #99)

Here are the Top 5 Weird Female Baby names in Illinois

1. Aria (Illinois popularity rank #30)

2. Gianna (Illinois popularity rank #61)

3. Paisley  (Illinois popularity rank #77)

4. Nevaeh (Yes, "heaven" backwards? ) (Illinois popularity rank #84)

5. Genesis (Phil Collins, eat your heart out!)  (Illinois popularity rank #99)

See the full list HERE

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