Today is Administrative Assistant Day. If you're proactive you may have already gotten your gifts ahead of time.

However, if you're scrambling at the last minute avoid giving these, the worst Administrative Assistant gift items.

According to there are about 25 worst gifts that through the years have been given to those that do so much for their bosses and the company in general.

If you truly value your employees, the ones that are on the front lines reflecting who you and your business are, don not give these gifts.

For instance, do not give:

- Soap and/or lotion baskets. These are considered intimate, unless you know that person really well.

- Office supplies. I think that should be a given. They use those items every day just like you. That isn't a gift.

- Cleaning supplies. Again that should be a given, but think how you would respond to getting a bottle of dish soap or windex. Uh, yeah.

- Any clothing whatsoever. Avoid doing this. It can create a lot of havoc due to the size issues. Huge misunderstanding all the way around. Don't do it.

- Obscure gift cards. Giving gift cards to stores this person never goes too or may not be around the area that they shop and live.

- Fruit baskets. Unless that person loves fruit, that's not a good idea either.

Too see the complete list of the 25 worst Administrative Assistant gifts, click here.

Have you ever received one of these awful gifts? Or better yet let me ask you this, what was the worst Administrative Assistant Day gift you've ever received?

Now if you need a little help with a last minute gift idea, No worries FindLaw has you covered. Click here to see some pretty safe gift ideas that will 1. keep you out of hot water and 2. make the A.A. feel special and recognized for their hard work.