We've all heard the stereotypes about cat people and dog people, so what's the truth?  Is there a difference?

Well according to a Facebook study there is a difference between the preferred pet pet's people.

Who has more friends? Apparently dog people do. They were found to have 26 more friends than cat people. However, cat people get invited to more parties and are more involved with the close friends that they have.

As a cat person, I can say that's very true.

Who is more likely to be single? Cat people. The singleness wasn't effect by age or gender though. None of that crazy cat lady stuff then. Whew!

What types of Movies, Books or TV shows do cat or dog people like?

Cat people enjoy Sci-Fi, Fantasy Adventure and anime, while dog people like books, movies and TV shows about dogs.

Hmmm, really? I have a cat, I like some Sci-Fi and fantasy adventure flicks,but I don't like anime at all. I also, prefer books based on real life people, situations and history.

ABC7 stated that "cat people preferred books like Dracula, Watchmen and Alice in Wonderland, while dog people enjoyed books like The Purpose Driven Life, The Shack, and, of course, Marley & Me."

Also, when it came to movies "Dog people [tend] to be fans of movies and shows like The Blind Side and Duck Dynasty, while cat people sunk their claws into Naruto and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World."

Where do dog or cat people typically live? Dog people live in more rural areas so there's place and space for the dog to run, while cat people typically live in cities.

Which group expresses more feelings? According to the study cat people express more feelings and emotions. Cat people are happy and loved while dog people would express excitement and pride.

Hmmm... it's interesting but I don't think it's entirely true. Reading over that list I'm a combination of both. I grew up with cats and a dog, so maybe that's why I'm sort of in the muddy middle ground. I love dogs too, right now with my schedule, it's just easier to have a cat. One day though I'd like to get another dog, preferably another Siberian Husky, but until that day, I'm happy with Millie my fluffy feline.

What do you think?