If you have ever traveled in the Stateline, you have probably been stopped by a train. Some train crossings are worse than others, but this one tops the list of the worst in the Rockford Area

Congratulations Belvidere, you are number one! Hurry up and wait!

Not a week goes by when I have to sit for at least 10 minutes at this crossing on Appleton Rd, just south of Newberg Rd.

If you get stuck by this train, you will see the train slow down as it travels slowly west, then comes to a complete stop for a minute or two. Then the train starts to move slowly backwards in an easterly direction, then comes to a slow stop, will still blocking the roadway. Then you hear some loud bangs and it will start to move west again (it's original direction), then stops and then starts to move.  Ugggghhhh.

I have sat at this intersection for as long as 20 minutes. Care to join me in waiting? (see the video below)

Google Maps


A close second for long delays is in DeKalb at the intersection of 4th Street and Lincoln Highway. On many occasions. the trains going through town slow down to a snail's pace and you can find yourself waiting over five minutes to pass through.

Google Street View

What Stateline railroad crossing is your biggest time waster?  Comment below!