"Do I have spaghetti? Do you see it anywhere on the menu? That's because we don't have it. You are at a place that gives out paper hats. If you want spaghetti go to an Italian restaurant".

Yes, she is rude, and that is part of her charm. This Chicago waitress is taking the world by storm as a video of her has gone viral.

If you have ever been in Chicago and went to the restaurant, Ed Debevic’s, you should not expect the nicest servers. You should plan on having someone incredibly rude to take your order.

What's cool is that this waitress is telling people what is really going on in the mind of most waitresses. You can hear her telling these diners that she’d likely get fired if she was nice to them and called the patrons cheap.

Yes, if you order water, you are cheap!

I love the line:

You know what grandpa, if I was nice to you, I’d get canned. If you want good service, you go somewhere else. I know Hooters is probably more your speed, but you came here on purpose.

We need a restaurant like this in Rockford


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