Being an Uber driver is is not always fun, but to make a living, sometimes having to deal with bratty customers makes you snap.

In Chicago, an Uber driver received a notification to pick up a couple of customers over the weekend. He arrived at the pick up location and waited and waited and waited. The girls who called the Uber service finally made it to the location of the driver, but it was too late, he cancelled their reservation because of the long wait.

Just before he gets ready to leave the pick up location, the two women show up and demand to be taken to their destination. That's when all the trouble starts and some very nasty name calling begins. The driver calls one of the passengers  a "b**ch" and a "c**t,"

It was all captured on video.

CAUTION: Some naughty words are uttered and things get confrontational



Who do you think is right, the Uber driver or the women?

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