Isn't it great to know that in Illinois, lawmakers have finally solved the state budget mess, so we can move on to other urgent matters, like preventing the Zombie apocalypse.

Don't worry, your elected state representatives have the matter in hand and will keep you safe. In case you missed it, on Thursday, the Illinois State House approved making the month of October "Zombie Preparedness Month."

The statute states:

That all Illinois residents are encouraged to participate in preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse, and have a plan that includes, signing up for local texts and weather alerts, developing emergency communications for the household, collecting significant documents and storing them in a safe place, and gathering emergency supplies.

By the way, we still don't have a budget, legislators are preparing to raise your income tax by 33%, tax your laundry, Netflix  and concert tickets. You would think that lawmakers would be getting down to business and would spend their time trying to find real solutions to real problems in Illinois.

Can you say "waste of time?" Only in Illinois.

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