The only thing missing from this video is a few hundred zombies shambling about.

I'm sorry, maybe it's one too many "end of the world" TV shows and movies that have influenced the way I see things like this but this video looks like straight-up post-apocalyptic.


You know, civilization pretty much ends because something took over. Whether it be zombies, aliens, or some other massive extinction-level event, this is what I have been trained to believe how the inside of a school post-apocalypse would appear.

Desks scattered everywhere, stuff busted, and plenty of insane graffiti. For some reason, this video of the abandoned Church School in Rockford has more kooky and ignorant graffiti than most other abandoned buildings.

Lost Vlog via YouTube
Lost Vlog via YouTube

Instead of trying to figure out exactly why someone would waste their time spray painting some of the crazy stuff I read on the walls of that school in this video, I'll just move on.

Like when the video finally makes it to the gym. That's a primo spot for a zombie ambush or maybe some savage people who have been living out the wild for way too long waiting to take out a few other well-meaning humans.

Lost Vlog via YouTube
Lost Vlog via YouTube

There I go again, I can't help it. I blame The Walking Dead.

Now as far as the actual school is concerned, apparently, it had been closed down since 1994.

The Rockford Register Star says it "was sold three years later by Rockford School District to Progressive West Rockford Community Development Group for $36,000. The group, led by the Rev. Earl Dotson Sr., planned to turn the school into a community learning center, but the idea never materialized."

The school was then purchased for under $17,000 in 2010 and has continued to sit empty. The Rockford Register Star also called Church School "the single largest eyesore in the city."

Why hasn't it been torn down yet? Maybe it's because the zombies are going to need a place to stay.

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