A popular Midwest Facebook group recently highlighted a bunch of abandoned places in Rockford, Illinois, and now we want to see if you know what some of the places used to be or where they are located.

Creepy Abandoned Buildings in Illinois

I am 100 percent addicted to looking at pictures from inside abandoned buildings, especially if they're located in Illinois. I don't know if it's the creepiness of the photos or the weird stuff that people leave behind in them that completely hooks me, but I just can't get enough.


One of my favorite places to find photos of abandoned buildings is Decayingmidwest on Facebook. This page features so many fascinating photos from all over the Midwest area and it appears the author recently had an adventure in Rockford because SO many cool photos popped up on the page over the weekend.

I have lived in the Rockford area my whole life, but once I began looking through all the Rockford photos Decayingmidwest shared I realized very quickly I don't know where many of these places are. I'm hoping you can help with me that now.

Do You Recognize These Abandoned Buildings in Rockford, Illinois?

Generally, the number one rule when it comes to posting pics of abandoned buildings in public groups and pages is; NEVER mention the exact location.

Addresses are purposely left out to discourage people from visiting them. Not only are abandoned buildings extremely dangerous to explore, but they are usually still owned by someone, and going inside them without permission will get you busted for trespassing. 

That being said, how many of these abandoned places in Rockford do you recognize or have memories from?

If you take the time to look through the comments on each of these posts, you will often learn some fascinating facts about the building's history and what led to its demise. Some of the buildings pictured above suffered fires, while others were just neglected beyond repair. Either way, the pictures are sad to look at and often leave me wondering what they looked like in their prime.

If you have any cool stories from any of these abandoned Rockford buildings, please send us an app message and share them with us!

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