I know it takes a LOT of money to tear down buildings, especially really old buildings that are filled with a bunch of bad stuff like lead paint and asbestos, but when I see photos of abandoned, unloved buildings like this it breaks my heart a little.

The Old Church School in Rockford is a Site for Sore Eyes

The old Church School on Blaisdell Street in Rockford was built back in 1894 and officially closed as a school back in 1993. Shortly after the school closed the building was purchased by someone else who had the intention of turning Church School into an actual church, but obviously, that never happened. Fast forward 29 years of abandonment, Church School today is a very unpleasant sight, both outdoors, and especially indoors.

Before I show you some recent photos taken inside Church School in Rockford, let me first show you this video that surfaced a few years ago on YouTube...

Does Church School look worse today? Let's see what you think. I will tell you this much, the inside of Church School looks to be in better shape than the inside of the old Rock River Elementary School on Kishwaukee Stree in Rockford, which has only been sitting vacant since 2005.

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Here are some photos of the Church School in Rockford that were recently posted by Andrew Lee in the ILLINOIS Abandoned Images Facebook group.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

After 30 Years of Abandonment, Here's What Church School in Rockford Looks Like Today

Gallery Credit: William Lee/ILLINOIS Abandoned Images via Facebook

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Gallery Credit: William Lee/ILLINOIS Abandoned Photos via Facebook

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