If you really get into the spooky side Halloween, then you need to go to Six Flags Great America's Fright Fest and watch the show opens the night to release the ghouls, zombies, and the souls of the dead into the park.

Fright Fest happens every weekend during the month of October. This upcoming weekend will be the last to see it and be a part of it.

Each Fright Fest evening begins at 5:45pm with the show The Uprising Nightly Call of the Dead. This is where the evil Lord Knox is summoned and he gathers all his ghouls to be released into the park at 6PM.

The show signifies the end of family fun and the beginning of ghostly terror to reign  within the park.

This is what I saw this past weekend.

The parade through the parade happens right after the show and this is how the ghouls, zombies and other walking dead are unleashed into the park.

I want to be clear this isn't a place for little kids after dark, because the ghouls job are to scare you and they will continue scaring including little kids even if they're crying. I suggest any parent with kids under 12 to not be at the park after 6pm.

Now if that looks like something you want to see, then you need to get to Six flags Great America this weekend for their final Fright Fest weekend of 2016.

It's this Friday through Halloween Monday. Click here for the park hour each day and all the information you want for Fright Fest.




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