Have you ever gone to Six Flags Great America and noticed an employee looking miserable? Me neither and I go frequently. The staff operating rides always look like they're having a good time. The workers in the restaurants and shopping areas look like they're enjoying themselves. Even the employees at the gates have smiling faces.

Why do those workers have such big smiles on their faces?

It might be because they get free admission to the park when they're not working. It could be because of Six Flags' atmosphere for its employees.

The company's hiring page describes the working environment as "fast-paced as our coasters." Another great line is,

You’ll also take home the perfect souvenirs

What does that mean exactly? It means workers will gain valuable leadership skills, get access to exclusive events, and a paycheck "as big as those winning stuffed animals." Another perk is staff get to choose how often they work. Let's not forget about creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

Six Flags wants all of our guests and employees to have a welcoming, inclusive experience in our parks. To facilitate this, we have updated our grooming policy to allow tattoos below the neck, nose rings, multiple ear piercings, and most modern hairstyles.

So you don't want to work your entire summer but are interested in Fright Fest?

Six Flags Great America/Hurricane Harbor via Facebook
Six Flags Great America/Hurricane Harbor via Facebook

Fright Fest 2022 at Six Flags Great America is scheduled for September 17 – October 30.

If you're interested in working as a scaractor (performer) or in food and beverage, security, rides, and more, check out their hiring page.

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