One of the worst Uber pick-up locations in the United States is the Bean in Chicago.

Driving In Chicago

I was just in the Windy City this past weekend. I went to see a concert on Friday night at the Soldier Field parking lot.

On Saturday, I took my family to see the Marvel exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.

You could just imagine how crazy Chicago was. It was a summer weekend with lots of activities going on including a Chicago Cubs versus St. Louis Cardinals series at Wrigley Field. Plus, it was the first weekend the city was completely open.

Driving in there already sucked before that. This just took it to the next level.

I have friends and family that refuse to drive in Chicago. They will take public transportation, buses, trains, the "L", subway, cabs, bicycles, and even walk. Now, you can add Uber and Lyft to the list.

Anything to avoid driving in that mayhem. I totally understand. Luckily, I have been cruising around the city for years, so I have a good understanding of the times and roads to take.

Do Not Pick Up Uber At The Bean In Chicago

If you plan on taking a trip to Chicago to visit some attractions and using Uber for transportation, you might want to avoid this location.

According to,

"Anyone who takes Uber knows there are some areas where it can be hard to connect with a driver. The rideshare service released a list of the five hardest pickup areas in the country, and one of them is "The Bean" in Chicago's Millennium Park. Uber said Cloud Gate is a hectic area, and it's tough for cars to pull over and get to customers."

Your best bet is to just get picked up somewhere else nearby.

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