A new study revealed the most popular fast-food french fries for every state in the US.

At the top of the list, and it should be no surprise, McDonald's fries are ranked as the best.

Actually, they are the best across every state in the US beside Wyoming, due to there not being enough data to be able to say so for sure, according to The Cost Guys.

After McDonald's, the second most popular fries in every state is kind of up for grabs.

The study says that figuring that out is based on region. People in the west like In-N-Out fries second best. Meanwhile, midwest folks seem to dig on Burger King fries as runner up to McDonald's.

That's kind of surprising. I can't remember the last time I made my way through a Burger King drive-thru. I can tell you if I would order a side with my burger from Burger King, I would swap out the fries for onion rings.

Regardless of my french fry bias, Burger King is the second most popular not only in Illinois but in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio.

Is McDonald's your favorite fast-food french fry? If not, which is it? Burger King? Chick-fil-A? Culver's? Tell us!

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