Another day. Another "map" that's not worth the pixels it's displayed on.

I get these things emailed to me quite often. I usually don't pay much attention to them because they're usually no more than just click-baity infographics. But this one was especially off-target for me.

Here's how the company "Spruce" explains how they came to these conclusions:

Spruce - We looked at Google Trends search results to analyze the popularity of 24 different fast food chains’ fries and also looked into the search results around different types of fries, like curly, waffle or even chili cheese.

Let's just get right to my main issue here.

Illinois favorite fry is from Steak and Shake? The little slivers that are barely salted, let alone have any flavor? Are Steak and Shakes even still around? You keep hearing about them closing stores but never opening new ones. Did they only look at results from south of I-88? A lot of questions here that honestly I don't think Spruce has any answers for.

Shake Shack isn't my only problem with this map.

Tennessee. Please come to my office.

Sonic? Really? There has to be better options than Sonic in town. Nothing against Sonic but I've never had anything from there that was better than "serviceable." Great commercials, average at best food.

I also need to talk to Nevada, Nebraska, Arkansas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Burger King? Now the right answer is McDonald's. If you suggest anything else, you're saying you want something other than a basic fry. Anyone saying Arby's, I'm assuming they're talking about the curly fry. Which can be argued is better than McDonald's but not a classic fry. Same can be said for Georgia's choice in Rally's. Those are seasoned fries as well.

But Burger King's attempt at regular fries is just empirically not as good as McDonald's. Their onion rings are excellent. The fries, average AT BEST.

Then there are the states that chose Taco Bell. Their Nacho Fries, while probably the most superior product of all your "basic" fast food fries are 1) seasoned, so not exactly matching up similar type fries and 2) are seasonal. I don't think you can even get them right now.

Lots of flaws in this map. I'm just glad I could point them all out to you guys.

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