The best part is that claiming your free french fries every Friday is ridiculously easy to do.

I have always believed in the healing power of an order of hot McDonald's french fries. Tell me a hot order doesn't instantly make you feel better. I keep using the word 'hot' because I actually feel a bit let down when my fries are just warm.

Free fries, however, taste good no matter what temperature they are.

Right now, you can get medium fries for free every Friday with any $1 purchase, exclusively in the McDonald’s App. Usually, a free offer like this doesn't last very long. Let this 'Fryday' offer serve as proof that the fine people at McDonald's truly love us all. This offer runs through June 27, 2021. Think about how many Fridays that is.

If you've never caught an episode of my short-lived video series called, Fries With That, I've shared a few below. A sack of fries and my thoughts. I've also included the first time I ever tried poutine fries. The day my life was forever changed.

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