I'm the type of Spooky season person where I like to go to the pumpkin patches, watch the scary movies, and decorate my apartment to the nines. But when it comes to haunted houses or visiting haunted places, you can count me all the way out.

The most haunted place in every state was just announced! So what's Illinois'?

Old Joliet Prison 

Yeah, like I said .... count me ALL the out. Here's how the website who declared the Joliet Prison the "Most Haunted Place" in Illinois describes the old prison -

You know that feeling you get when you find out the previous renter of an apartment was kind of a creep? This gothic, castle-like prison complex was once the (involuntary) home of notorious murder clown John Wayne Gacy and serial killer Richard Speck. There were riots and slayings, executions and other maladies that made this place midwestern Oz between 1856 and 2002, when it closed and sat abandoned for nearly nearly two decades. It’s now re-open for tours (paranormal or otherwise), and sometimes hosts events like movie screenings (Blues Brothers was famously filmed here). Even without the hauntings, this place would be top-tier creepy. Throw in potential serial-killer specters and you’ve got a recipe for nightmares.

Again, no thanks. I'll let the rest of you all have your fun, I'll be at home with way too much candy.

You can learn more and get tickets to visit HERE!

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