Most brides will tell you using the restroom in your wedding dress is a disaster waiting to happen. It usually requires an entourage of bridesmaids, and seriously, who likes to pee with an audience? Thank goodness a Pennsylvania bridal shop owner created the answer to every bride's nightmare, and she calls it the "Bridal Buddy".

According to Today Style, Heather Stenlake originally came up with the idea for the "Bridal Buddy" back in 2002, but put it on the back burner until about a year and a half ago. (Dang you, Heather. I would have bought this for sure in 2010 when I got married!)



I would have been willing to spend big bucks for something as awesome and ingenious as this, but the good news is, it only costs $59.95 at The slip is one size fits most, but the good news for us "fun-size" girls is it does come in two different lengths!

I think my beer and lord-knows-what-else stained wedding gown is currently weeping in my closet that it did not have a Bridal Buddy to save it from all of my wedding festivity mishaps.