Pumpkin Spice Hair is the New Fall Trend
Those who love pumpkin spice are rejoicing when the Fall season comes. Those that hate it find the pumpkin spice addiction ridiculous and annoying. Then there's folks like me, who do enjoy some pumpkin spice items, but feel the obsession has been taken a bit too far. Case in point, pumpkin spic…
The 'Bridal Buddy' is a Must Have for Every Bride-to-Be
Most brides will tell you using the restroom in your wedding dress is a disaster waiting to happen. It usually requires an entourage of bridesmaids, and seriously, who likes to pee with an audience? Thank goodness a Pennsylvania bridal shop owner created the answer to every bride's nightmare, a…
How to Tuck Bootcut Jeans Into Boots
I love wearing skinny jeans with boots, but I do not love the look of skinny jeans without the boots. I also feel guilty for neglecting my old love, my trusty bootcut jeans, because they just don't tuck into boots correctly. Until now that is...
Complaints about Zippers
Last night I went dress shopping with my sister to find an outfit for my niece, her daughter's, wedding in June.
I have a huge complaint to dress makers.
Why do you make the zipper pulls so small?