A man named Jake Mazanke from Lincoln Park, Illinois went viral in 2022 for dressing as Mike Ditka at his bachelor party, and he just did again...but this time it was for his wedding!

Themed Weddings: Yes or No?

When I got married in 2010, my husband and I didn't have a formal theme for our wedding reception, but we did sneak in a few touches of things we are passionate about. For me, it is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We made a large donation to St. Jude ahead of our wedding, and each guest received a St. Jude wristband in honor of it. For him, it is Notre Dame football. He played the Notre Dame fight song after we entered the reception and before we got the party started.

We may not have taken our personal passions to extreme wedding levels, but one guy in Illinois did over the weekend, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it.

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Illinois Man Goes Viral for Dressing Up As Mike Ditka From the Chicago Bears

If you've lived in the Illinois area for a while it is impossible to not know who Mike Ditka is. I am far from a sports fan, but I even know who Mike Ditka is. I know what he looks like and I know Bears fans love (or love to hate) 'Da Coach'. The one thing I didn't know was just how far some Bears would go to display their love for Ditka.

Illinois' Viral Mike Ditka Groom

If you follow sports often, you might remember seeing a picture like this being shared by tons of people and sports outlets, including the NFL, on social media last November...

Jake Mazanke celebrated his bachelor party at Mercedes Benz Superdome for a Bears-Falcons game with a group of his friends and friends back in November of 2022 and all of them dressed up as Mike Ditka, complete with mustaches they actually grew for the game! This group of 'Ditkas' got so much attention during the game that Fox Sports even featured them doing their broadcast.

Fast forward about 10 months and you've got Jake and his buddies donning their costumes again, but this time it was for Jake's wedding!

According to WGN-TV;

Lincoln Park resident Jake Mazanke was married on Saturday, and like he famously did last November, donned a Mike Ditka outfit for part of the reception.


Jake and his groomsmen even did a choreographed dance to "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" at the reception...

Jake and his bride, Catie Coghlan, got married on Saturday, (September 9), so at least they got the chance to celebrate about 24 hours of wedded bliss before the Bears completed choked against the Packers in their 2023 season opener on Sunday night.

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