What your about to see is different. Turning tradition on it's head. As Barbie is breaking the barriers of just being for girls by adding a boy to their commercial.


What do you think about the ad?

As for me, I have several feelings about it.

One, it made me laugh. Just at the pure cheesy nature of the ad.

Two, I will admit, it was different to have a little boy in the commercial playing with a doll that has traditionally been labeled as a girls toy.

Third and last point, this is what I didn't like about the ad.  The boy seemed to be a bit feminine. Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I picked up on. Why is it if a boy wants to play with dolls he has be feminine? He doesn't. Just let him play with dolls. That's my personal opinion on that matter.

Honestly though, any way you look at it Mattel did shake it up a bit placing a boy in the ad. I say, good job Mattel. You certainly have us thinking outside of that traditional box.