Roughing up people on the ice is a big part of being a successful hockey player, but Rockford IceHogs forward Pierre-Cedric Labrie knows that behavior is better left on the ice, and he is doing best to teach local kids the same lesson. 

P.C. Labrie has a soft spot for kids who are targeted by bullies. He recently told Eyewitness News that he can remember being bullied as a kid, and since he is an only child, he had no brothers or sisters to defend him. Labrie may know how to defend himself now, which is a skill he and other IceHog players are teaching local kids as often as possible.




Personally, I am so glad that Labrie and his teammates talk to the kids about their experiences with social media bullying. It's a real problem these days for society in general, not just for kids, and it is extremely hard to prevent. We all need to really think about that the next time we decide to voice our frustrations over a certain situation or person on social media. Take a moment to consider the fact that the people who are hurt by your words, may not be responsible for your frustrations at all.