Online dating can be a daunting job, looking through profiles reaching out to people you find interesting and attracting.

When the online chatting goes from behind the computer to meeting in person where do you go?

Here are the best places in Rockford to meet your online date in person.

According to Your Tango it's best to go somewhere inexpensive for your first meeting. Face it you don't know this person, you have no idea if you'll have chemistry and if it just turns out to be bad, you want to get away quickly am I right?

Your Tango suggests going for coffee, a park, a chain type bookstore, picnic and a fun place.

Using those categories, I came up with the places I think would be nice to meet at and not too expensive to meet this person for the first time.

Coffee Shops - there are so many around Rockford to choose from. My suggestion is to choose one that is close enough for both of you to meet at. Try the Wired Cafe, Meg's Daily Grind (on Alpine or Perryville Rd.), Katie's Cup (7th Street) or for comfort level pick one of the numerous Starbucks around town.

Parks- I think it would be fine to meet them at the Sinnissippi Bike Path. Think of it this was you're out in the public, and you get a little exercise and a great view of the river.

Bookstore - Barnes & Noble inside the CherryVale Mall. You'll not only not be in a public place but can get coffee there too and if it goes well you can walk away and disappear into the crowds and other stores of the mall.

Picnic- This one I'm not too crazy about. I'm not sure if I'd want to picnic with someone I didn't know. I think meeting them at Rockford City Market would be perfect. There's music, there's food, drinks, and you can have your friends their to blend into the crowd to keep an eye on you or to jump in and save you if it's just turning into a terrible time. Or how about meeting them at Anderson Japanese Gardens and getting a drink or bite to eat at Fresco?

Fun Place - Maybe go bowling at Don Carter Lanes or the Cherry Bowl, or Volcano Falls. There's a lot of things to do there. I'd even categorize Rockford City Market here as well.

Overall, you should always pick someplace that's public and has a lot of people around.

Always let at two or three people know your where about's. Heck, I've texted my friends all the information I had on the date/ meeting. The guys name, his phone number, where I was meeting him - place and time, even a picture of what I was wearing.

Hey a girl can never be too careful.



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