When you want more than just a cake for your birthday, you have an ice cream cake.

That's at least how I grew up. Ice cream cakes were for real special occasions, not just because you needed to have one.

Even if I wanted an ice cream cake for my birthday, I didn't always get one. Worse yet, the only place I knew sold ice cream cakes were overpriced and not all that great.

So I went most of my life without having a great ice cream cake, but now that I found out today the best ice cream cake in the Midwest is just down the road from Rockford, I'm interested again in the ice cream cake.

That's because they said Union Dairy at 126 East Douglas Street in Freeport makes the "Best Ice Cream Cake in the Midwest."

Why? According to Only In Your State, "This old-fashioned ice cream parlor is the ideal spot to spend a lazy afternoon or evening. In addition to custom cakes, guests may order dinner food like burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches, as well as ice cream cookie sandwiches."

Looks like I need to make plans to get to Freeport soon, even though my birthday isn't for another six months.

Keep up with all delicious Union Dairy dish on their Facebook page.

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