A Craveworthy Chocolate Beer Cake
Yesterday, The Wake Up Crew spoke about Little Zim and pregnancy cravings. Although Shannon said she had none, she would enjoy some chocolate cake. Steve mentioned he thought it might be beer and then he could drink it all.
So I thought I'd whip up a craveworthy dessert for them both that combin…
Here's a Screwdriver You Can Eat
A typical brunch type drink that's always in style is a Screwdriver.
Here's a Screwdriver you can eat. This cake is perfect for brunch, lunch or even for a baby or bridal shower.
Ranking the 2015 Oscar Snubs From Forgivable to WTF
Yep, it’s that time of the year again. The 2015 Oscar nominations are here and it’s time for everyone to get outraged and cynical over which movies get the opportunity to take home statuettes of naked golden dudes. Sure, we always tell ourselves that the Academy Awards don’t rea…

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