It's something we've known for years...College is expensive and costs go up every year. A higher education can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars before you earn that diploma.

Many individuals view college as as an investment in their future. Getting a good education can lead one to more profitable career, while at the same time giving the student an educational experience like no other. That being said, there are some institutions of higher learning in Illinois that cost a lot more than others.

Among the many expenses with going away to college:

  • Cost of tuition
  • Room and board
  • Cost of living
  • Books

Of course, when you factor in financial aid and scholarships, the true cost to the student goes down significantly, however, the net cost remains expensive. ranked more than 1,454 colleges in the U.S. and found out which ones are really the most expensive after scholarships and financial aid were factored into the equation.

Here are the TOP 10 Most Expensive Colleges in Illinois

  • 10. Bradley University — $24,155
  • 9. Wheaton College–$24,623
  • 8. Columbia College Chicago $26,414
  • 7. DePaul University–$27,561
  • 6. Roosevelt University $27,723
  • 5. Illinois Wesleyan University–$28,434
  • 4. Northwestern University–$28,868
  • 3. Loyola University Chicago–$29,671
  • 2. University of Chicago–$31,917
  • 1. School of the Art Institute of Chicago–$44,838

It is interesting to note that the number one most expensive school in the country, when factoring in scholarships and financial aid, was The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The good news is that no stateline area colleges made the most expensive list.

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