Good Deeds come in the Form of Easter Baskets
My landlord does good deeds for me all the time, this time it's in the form of an Easter basket.
Easter morning I awoke to find this goodie basket filled with candy, chips and gum along with a note to go hunt for eggs in my yard.
Lumps of Coal Treat
Receiving lumps of coal in your stocking is never a good thing.
However, if I found these lumps of coal in mine, I'd be happy.
Santa knows that I've been very good because it's a tasty Christmas treat.
Make this Easy Fall Treat
Oh my goodness you guys, I found an easy to make yet so tasty treat to really put you in the fall mood. As you can see Steve and Shannon agree this cake is good!
Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake.
Homemade Pudding Pops
I have no idea why but I have a craving today for those homemade pudding pops.
I found this recipe from JELL-O that you can make these delicious treats just using pudding, plastic cups and for the sticks, plastic spoons.
Freeze for 5 hours, peel off the plastic cup and you got yourself a tasty little …
Remember this Banana Treat
Remember this treat. The Frozen Chocolate Dipped Banana Pops you can make with that kit from the grocery store? I loved those as a kid.
Now you can make your own without that grocery store kit.
Take a look at this recipe that you can make these in 8 easy steps...
Cool Kool-Aid Kids Treats
Summertime. I well remember days as a kid drinking cherry Kool-Aid on the porch with my sister's after playing in yard all day.
One of my favorite treats was when our Mom would make Kool-Aid Popsicles from those old Tupperware molds. Remember those?
Yesterday, I posted 23 Flavors for adult popsicles s…