My landlord does good deeds for me all the time, this time it's in the form of an Easter basket.

Easter morning I awoke to find this goodie basket filled with candy, chips and gum along with a note to go hunt for eggs in my yard.

How cool is that? It was fun walking around my yard collecting eggs filled with dark chocolate and money. Yep. I took in a nice little haul to help fill my gas tank this week. Now that's a good deed in my book.

My landlord is always doing nice things like that for me. Whether it's hiding Easter eggs, building me a snow man, shoveling my walks, or leaving summer veggies on porch, all are greatly appreciated.

I need to do something nice for him. I'm thinking some tasty cookies are in order. Don't you?

However, If I was a Q98.5 listener I'd nominate my landlord for the Mary's Market tray of goodies the Wake Up Crew is giving away to those who do good deeds.

Have you heard about that?

All you have to do is tell the Wake Up Crew all about the good deed and the person who performed the good deed. Every Thursday we will deliver the wonderful treats from Mary’s Market so get in on the rewarding.
Click the button below to find out more and to nominate the "Good Deed Doer".