If you have kids in the house that love those Sour Patch candies.

Then you need to make this quick snack.

Sour Patch Grapes.

My cousins passed this quick and easy treat to me.

All you need are grapes and jello. Really.

Sour Patch Grapes

One pound of fresh green grapes
1 package on watermelon Jello unprepared
1 package of sugar free lemon Jello unprepared

Mix your two Jello flavors in a small plastic bag. Pour a little bit at a time onto a plate. Pull your grapes from the stems and rinse them well. While they are still a little damp (but not dripping wet) add a few at a time to the plate of Jello mix and roll them around to coat them each.Remove the covered grapes and add them to a bowl and repeat the process adding more Jello mix to the plate as needed to coat the entire batch of grapes. If you do this using lemon and watermelon Jello the “glitter” will have a slight yellowish tinge. If you stick with just watermelon Jello you will avoid the yellowing, but the taste will be a bit different.

Put your bowl of glittered grapes uncovered in the fridge. Let them sit for at least an hour before serving. The longer they sit the better they taste.