Tasty Crock Pot Meal
This weekend when you're out shopping till your almost dropping the last thing you want to think about is making dinner.
With this tasty crock pot meal you won't have to worry about it.
Quick Sandwich in Two Steps
Last night I made a salad using canned chicken. I found I had more chicken than I needed for my salad so I mixed the extra with pesto sauce.
What a quick and easy way to make a meal.
If you're ever pressed for time when it comes to making lunch or dinner, why not try this quick sandwich or salad …
Make this Meal in Minutes
Look what I made last night. Mmm, mmm! Good stuff!
Cilantro Chicken with Pesto over Pasta and a side of Parmasean Zucchini.
You too can make this tasty meal in minutes!
What type of Wing are you
Little Zim and I are a lot alike in the area of being suckers for those Facebook and Buzz Feed quizzes. I just got to know what type of color I am or who I should marry.
And true to my inquisitive nature I found a quiz that was too funny not to take let alone pass on to you...

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