The best wing restaurants in the USA were announced, and the top spot went to a place that isn't in Rockford, we're going to need to see one here real quick.

Foodbeast released their "10 Best Chain Restaurants Wings Across The USA" list a few days ago.

Domino's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Popeye's and Applebee's are on the list and all of which can be had in Rockford.

The top of the list though featured a wing restaurant that we had no idea existed but needs to open in Rockford, like yesterday.

The chain restaurant at the very top is called Bonchon Chicken. Foodbeast says "The chicken has as much juiciness as a Wingstop wing but with an extra bit of crunch and explosion of flavor. Bonchon could definitely offer more in sauce variety, but when the two flavors they offer are easily some of the best in the country, so why branch out when your staple sauces are that fire?"

There are 88 Bonchon restaurants in the US, the nearest in Glenview, 1615 North Milwaukee Avenue ONLY 53 miles from Rockford.

There are a few other locations in Chicago. Why not bring one to Rockford?

Well, anyone can franchise a Bonchon as long as you have the capital. According to their site, the initial fee to open a Bonchon is $40,000 and investment anywhere from $400,000 to $700,000.

There's a whole slew of applications, interviews, and disclosures you'd have to make, but c'mon it's worth it.

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