Popeye's won the chicken sandwich game, in my opinion. Now comes their first ever fish sandwich. Friday fish fry in a bun and a great choice Lent.

Popeye's came to play. When that whole chicken sandwich battle nonsense began, I'd never even had a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A. I'll say this, Chick-fil-Amakes a good chicken sandwich, but it doesn't compare to the behemoth coming from Popeye's. The sandwich is bigger and the flavor is just outstanding.

Why is Popeye's getting in the fish sandwich game, maybe this is a great time to debut their first ever fish sandwich as millions will be looking for fish options during Lent. Whatever the reason, we're about to reap the benefits.

The Cajun Flounder Sandwich from Popeye's is here. Available nationwide. The sandwich is made with a fried filet of flounder served on buttery toasted brioche bun with pickles and tartar sauce. It is seasoned with a blend of Louisiana brand’s Cajun seasoning.


OH! One more thing Popeye's is doing to sweeten this new offering. We can add "Sandwich Insurance" to our order for only 10 cents via the Popeye's app, and anyone who has a bone to pick with the fried filet can trade it in for a chicken sandwich instead.

[H/T Fox News]

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