We're currently in the middle of World War 3 ... AKA 'The Great Chicken Sandwich Debate of 2019'.

It's been Popeyes vs. Chick Fil A on the internet lately, but that got me thinking, how could we forget about KFC?

Turns out, they're making sure to stay on people's radars another way. No internet feuds for KFC, just a new ground-breaking menu item.

VEGAN CHICKEN MEAT! A lot of brands are hopping on the 'fake meat' train such as the meatless burger from Burger King. So instead of angry petty tweets towards their competitor, KFC is taking the high road.

So the trend for new food items is normally...

  • A big social media debut - check
  • Test runs in a big city - check
  • Waiting anxiously for the national drop
  • The food is released nationwide

So hopefully the test run goes well and we'll be seeing some vegan nugs in Rockford soon!

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