30 hours in a coffin at Six Flags Great America won a Sycamore woman cash, season passes, and the actual coffin. So what did she do with it?

Rachael's favorite holiday is Halloween so it should be no surprise she would want her wedding plans to be centered around that day. It may not be every little girl's dream but it became a reality after winning a haunting challenge at Six Flags Great America. Yes, naturally, Rachael was one of the winners of Six Flags' #coffinchallenge. The victory earned her cash, season passes for 2019, and the coffin she spent 30 hours in. What she did with the coffin, though, takes the cake.

Rachael used the coffin as a backdrop in her wedding on All Hallow's Eve. The wedding ceremony included props like gravestones, which makes it so fitting for "til death do us part." And, according to WIFR, "the wedding party and guests all showed up to the celebration dressed in their best costume attire."

You can see a picture of Rachael and Aric's vows in front of her coffin by clicking here.

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