If you LOVE pancakes, and you've never heard of, or tried Babycakes in Chicago before, get ready to have your flap-jacking mind blown!

What does this dish look like to you? A massive, delicious cinnamon roll perhaps? Wrong! It's pancakes!!


Italian Beef pancakes anyone?

Chicago Style Dog Pancakes?!?

Pizza pancakes?!?

Babycakes even does pancake wedding cakes!

Now that I officially have your tastebuds confused and/or intrigued, let's get down to the specifics of how you can get some Babycakes deliciousness in your belly.

The good news is, Babycakes' breakfast dishes are available any time of the day, but the bad news is, you can't sit down to enjoy them in an actual restaurant.

Babycakes has been one of Chicago's leading caterers for 10 plus years, but their 'Sweetheart', is what really brings foodies running. Say hello to Sweetheart...

Babycakes' Sweetheart Food Truck is not only spotted on the streets of Chicago often serving up more than just yummy pancake fusions, you can even book it for a party, special event, or even your wedding! (How fun would a breakfast/pancake bar be at your wedding reception?!?!)

Babycakes catering will deliver 24 hours a day, so if you know you will be in Chicago soon, whether for a work meeting or just some fun,  check out the Babycakes menu and figure out how to order now at babycakestruck.com. 

Now I have to figure out if Babycakes will travel to Rockford for my next birthday party. Their pancake menu looks amazing!

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