If you like your meal with a side of spooky, you're in luck, because this place apparently has tons of that stuff.

Here's the best part, you won't get charged for it either. The frights at this restaurant are totally free.

That's good because everything else on the menu is super expensive. I mean, it's a steak house after all, and it's called the Chicago Chop House.

Far & Wide called it one of America's Most Haunted Restaurants saying:

The Chicago Chop House is housed in a brownstone that once belonged to Robert Minier, an electrician who famously prevented a steamer ship from exploding in Lake Michigan but faced a horrible personal tragedy when his daughter, Florence, died at the age of 9.

It’s believed that Florence haunts the property, with staff and patrons claiming to hear a child crying and the lights going off and on without anyone flipping a switch.

However, The Takeout seems to have different ideas:

Yes, the Chop House could be haunted, I suppose. Lounging in the dimly lit dining room, it’s easy to picture the ghost of a longtime proprietor suddenly materializing at the bar to offer you a martini, very dry.

Apparently, the 3rd floor of the Chicago Chop House is where the most paranormal activity takes place.

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I'll be for real with you, the thought of ghosts is kind of scary, and the fact that the Chicago Chop House makes zero mention of the haunts on their website makes me feel like they're hiding something.

One thing they aren't hiding from is how delicious their food looks.

If I was to eat some of this stuff, I'd be OK sharing a table with a ghost or two.

The Chicago Chop House is located at 60 West Ontario Street in Chicago.

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