The Illinois State Senate on Thursday approved a bill requiring Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices (BAIID) to be installed on all vehicles used by DUI offenders.

This requirement for DUI Offenders was proposed by Secretary of State Jesse White. reports that the bill, if signed into law, would make it mandatory to have a BAIIDs device installed on all cars (including rental vehicles) driven by DUI offenders. In addition, the law calls for a BAIID indicator to placed on the back of a driver's license of the those individuals required to drive with a BAIID unit.

The law instructs businesses that rent or otherwise provide vehicles for transportation to the public to inspect the back of driver's licenses before completing a transaction. If the BAIID notation is present on the license, the  BAIID device must be installed before the individual may gain access to the vehicle.

This legislation has now been approved by the both the Illinois House and Senate. It moves next to  Governor Rauner's desk. Once he signs it, the bill will become law.

Illinois Secretary of Statee Jesse White says:

My top priority as Secretary of State is to make the roads of Illinois as safe as possible, this legislation further improves our heralded BAIID program, and ensures the vehicles driven by DUI offenders will have a BAIID installed, whether or not the vehicles are owned by the offenders.