Things are getting spooky at Starbucks locations all over the places including our favorite Rockford area coffee shops.

I think it was last year when Starbucks dropped the Zombie frapp and we were all like WHOA, but this year things are getting a little more wicked with their new Witch's Brew Frappuccino.

It's the real deal too, packed with 'bat warts,' 'toad's breath,' and 'lizard scale' powder.

So that's actually a mix of purple and orange creme frappuccino, green chia seeds vanilla whipped cream and some sort of green powder.


I have no idea what this tastes like but I am not sure I want to try it... because what in the world does purple toad's breath taste like??

My mom however, is the biggest Wicked fan on the planet so I have a feeling if I spend any time with her between now and Halloween, we will take a trip to Starbucks and try one out.

The frapp is available now for a 'limited time,' which I'm sure means sometime next week as we move from Halloween thinking to Christmas probably by Friday.

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