This could either be a really good idea or incredibly disastrous, but either way, it's REAL.

A bar in St. Louis is doing something no other establishment in Missouri or Illinois is doing, and that is offering hourly unlimited drinks packages. Sounds insane, right? How could this NOT go wrong? The bar is called Open Concept and is owned by a government employee. He says the number of alcohol patrons drink will be monitored.

When you come in you have to sign in using your cell phone. Open Concept uses technology to track all your consumption and keep the bar in compliance with legal limits.

Bartenders will also pay extra close attention to customers to make sure no one is over-drinking. Hmm, sounds incredibly bad but at the hourly prices, who wouldn't want to try it? pay $10 per hour for premium drinks or $20 per hour for top shelf liquor and then you can drink all you legally can.

I will admit, I can throw back enough drinks in an hour to make the $20 deal be well worth the money.

Check out Open Concept's website.


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