You know when you're driving along having a perfectly fine day, headed to your destination with ease, and then BAM - POTHOLE. Day = ruined.

It's funny to watch when it happens to other people.

But when it happens to you, it's a guaranteed bad mood. But you can turn that bad mood into action and help get that annoying pothole fixed. Spring is right around the corner and that means it's time for crews to get out on the roads and fill the potholes that might've formed or gotten bigger over the winter.

The City of Rockford Government's Facebook page shared some news that they'll be out fixing potholes and need your help on where they're at around Rockford.

So according to city officials, potholes are fixed based on severity, how busy the road is, and the speed limit of the road.

The comment section on the post made my Rockford City Government is filled with comments of people talking about potholes that they'd like fixed. But like the post says, you have to call or officially submit the pothole online. If you just comment on the post, that's not going to guarantee they see the comment or fix the pothole.

So like their post says, if you have a pothole you'd like them to fix, call 779-348-7260 or fill out a Service Request on their website at

If you still aren't convinced your least favorite pothole will get fixed, try this technique -

Here's to a spring with less potholes (hopefully).


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