Rough news for wrestling when a company update shared by WWE to its talent was leaked online.

Several wrestling websites are sharing a note from wrestling news legend Dave Meltzer in regards to the future of house shows (a.k.a. non-televised events). The news has struck a chord with some wrestling fans after it leaked that WWE has told talent it's likely the days of house shows are done. Immediately the blame is being pointed at COVID-19 but, in reality, it's a good reason. In this case, WWE is raking in the money from online merchandise sales even though they assumed a lack of live events would hurt the sales. The result has been the opposite contrary to the wrestling giant prediction. So, how does this affect Rockford?

Rockford is a small market in professional wrestling terms. Sure, back in the Monday Night Wars era WWE Monday Night Raw and Smackdown did a few TV tapings at (the former) Metro Centre, as did WCW Nitro and Thunder. As far as the last few years, minus a Smackdown taping, it's primarily been house shows that have been put on by WWE in Rockford. TNA also did a house show at BMO Harris Bank Center about 9 years ago but I believe only 27 people showed up. So, if WWE is only taking Monday and Friday televised events, and Sunday PPVs on the road, the odds of a stop in Rockford aren't favorable. It's about as likely as CM Punk returning to a WWE ring. Crazier things have happened though.

Again, just my opinion.

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