Like to smoke at Rockford Park District facilities? That is about to end, with one exception.

If you like to light up at Alpine Park Pool, the Burpee Museum, Carlson Ice Arena, Indoor sports center, forget about it!

Last night the Rockford park District voted to prohibit smoking at all of it's facilities and properties with the exception of Rockford Park District owned golf courses.

The Rockford Register Star reports that the vote to ban smoking was unanimous. Fines will be levied to those caught smoking of Rockford Park District Property

  • $125 fine for first-time violations
  • $250 fine for the second violation
  • $500 fine for the third violation

As far as the reason as to why smoking will still be allowed at Rockford Park District golf courses, commissioner Scott Olson member said that smoking is often considered part of the culture of golf. Olson told the Rockford Register Star:

Because it's part of the culture of the sport and happens with consenting adults, separating it from the rest of the ordinance came down to a business decision. We would hate to lose clients on our courses because of an outright ban.

Smoking could also be prohibited in the future at Rockford golf courses, but for now, it will be allowed.



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